Proof of Life Film

The 21-minute Proof of Life film documents Brad Thiessen's 8-month goal of training for a 50k (31 mile) trail run coming out of treatment for his third cancer in 2016, which he set as a step to achieving physical and emotional recovery.

The film has been accepted into numerous film festivals and won awards including Best Health Film at the Las Vegas Running Film Festival, Best of Northwest at Spokane International Film Festival, and Best Documentary at the Sandpoint Radius Film Festival.


The 5-minute side project Pacing, which is on this site's home page, toured to over 30 cities as part of the 2018-19 Trail Running Film Festival.

You can view the Proof of Life film below, for $2.99. Proceeds help OutLive accomplish its mission. If you feel moved to support OutLive further after viewing, you can contribute more on the donate page.


The film is often also used as part of Brad's in-person presentations. Contact Brad to learn more.

Photo by Craig Goodwin