One of the greatest difficulties that can face the person coming out of cancer treatment is a sense of uncertainty and aimlessness. You've been given a green light to return to "normal" life, but what is normal anymore when your cancer could come back at any time, or a new new cancer could show up? Plus, now there are all these ongoing side-effects to deal with from the treatments and surgeries... not to mention health bills, and returning to work or child-rearing or school, and figuring out how to answer the well-meaning "no, really, how are you?" question politely.

One way to find emotional and physical health is by setting a goal. Another is to get active outdoors. Yet another is to build social connection. The OutRunners running group combines all three.

Once Eastern Washington is back to normal health and social distancing restrictions are eased, we will start up the OutRunners, a weekly running group for cancer survivors of all fitness levels that will gear runners toward seasonal goals such as the annual Mountain Magic 5/10/25k trails run and other seasonal goals.

If you are interested in learning more about OutRunners, let us know via the form below and we'll put you on the contact list once conditions allow us to all get out and hit the pavement and dirt!

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Shortly after completing treatment and surgery, Alex ran the 5k option of the 2019 Mountain Magic Trail Run on the spur of the moment. It was her first run since her cancer diagnosis. Photo by Evan Sunderman.