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Nature and Health

Neuroconservation - Your Brain on Nature

TED Talk: Wallace J. Nichols at TEDxSantaCruz

Making Spaces of Awe and Restoration

TED Talk: Florence Williams at TEDxNavesink

Get hooked on nature

TED Talk: Ben Klasky at TEDxRainier

Exercise and the brain: why moving your body matters

March 10, 2020, By Daniel Levitan.

Forget Weed. Colorado's Hottest Trend is Forest Bathing.

Sept 2, 2019, Daily Beast. By Cassandra Brooklyn.

*this is an excellent first-person account of forest bathing.

The Benefits of 'Forest Bathing'

May 1, 2018, By Qing Li

The Nature Fix: Free Your Mind and Go Outdoors

Sept 24, 2019, By Florence Williams

Exercising To Ease Pain: Taking Brisk Walks Can Help

Sept 23, 2019. NPR. By Patti Neighmond.

Just 20 minutes of contact with nature will lower stress hormone levels, reveals new study

April 4, 2019, Source: frontiers.

The Simple Dutch Cure for Stress

Nov 08, 2019, By Alice Fleerackers

The Incredible Science Behind Why Amazon Filled Its New Office With 40,000 Plants

Feb 5, 2018, By Jessica Stillman

#NatureRx TED talk: Does Nature have a marketing problem?

Spending Just 20 Minutes in a Park Makes You Happier. Here's What Else Being Outside Can Do for Your Health

February 28, 2019, By Jamie Ducharme.

#NatureRx Down Under (Australia) - Video

What's Your Purpose? Finding A Sense Of Meaning In Life Is Linked To Health

May 25, 2019, By Mara Gordon.

The Nature Cure

OutsideOnline. By Aaron Reuben

Getting back to nature: how forest bathing can make us feel better

June 8, 2019, The Guardian Online. By Harriet Sherwood

Two hours a week is key dose of nature for health and wellbeing

June 13, 2019, By University of Exeter.

Exercise and Health

Physical Activity and the Cancer Patient

American Cancer Society

4 Kinds of Exercise That Help Cancer Patients

April 21, 2011, Live Science. By Amanda Chan.

Cancer survivors: Care for your body after treatment

Mayo Clinic.

The Health Benefits of Exercising Through Chemotherapy

Nov 11, 2019, Runner's World. By Danielle Zickl.

'Couch To 5K' in 500 words: our top 5 running tips for newbies wanting to start running

This Is Your Brain on Exercise

May 31, 2017, By Kate Wheeling.

Exercise is Medicine

Global health initiative for providers.

Here’s How Much Your Fitness Level Can Cut Your Risk of Two Common Cancers

May 16, 2019, Runner's World. By Danielle Zickl.

Why cancer survivors need to move more: Building an Alberta exercise program

Aug. 1, 2017, Centre for Active Living. Source: Wellspring.

Yes, Your Physical Fitness Can Reduce Your Cancer Risk

May 18, 2019, Outsideonline. By Alex Hutchinson

Don't Underestimate the Health Benefits of E-Bikes

April 9, 2019, Outsideonline. By Alex Hutchinson

Aging Runners | A Decade-by-Decade Guide to Running Strong

Sept 17, 2019, Runners World. By Selene Yeager.

Exercise and Breast Cancer

Video. by Dartmouth-Hitchcock.


Cancer Surviorship: Finding a New Normal

Video. Doris Cardwell | TEDxRapidCity

*this is a powerful first-person account of the ongoing challenges faced by cancer survivors.

Living Well Beyond Cancer Treatment - videos

Providence Oregon

*this is an excellent resource for understanding the physical and emotional issues faced by cancer survivors

Life After Cancer

April 29, 2020, Counseling By Laurie Meyers.

*this is an excellent article for understanding the physical and emotional issues faced by cancer survivors

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship

*in particular, check out the NCCS Blog for focused articles, webinars, and other resources

The Forgotten Side of Cancer Care

Nov 7, 2016, By Alice Park.

Open Up! Writing About Trauma Reduces Stress, Aids Immunity

2003, American Psychological Association

Mayo Clinic survivorship clinics

Survivorship Clinic for Adult Patients

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

Incorporating a Survivorship Clinic Into Practice

April 1, 2016, By Denice Economou, RN, MN, CHPN and Stacie Corcoran, RN, MS, AOCNS®

From Cancer Patient to Cancer Survivor: Lost in Transition - video

2010, The National Academies.

From Cancer Patient to Cancer Survivor: Lost in Transition - video

2010, The National Academies.

Outdoors (Nature and Park) Prescription Programs

Developing a Park Prescription Program for Your Community

April 6, 2018, By J. Joy James, Ph.D., Becki Battista, Ph.D., and Richard W. Christiana, Ph.D.

Parks Finder App

D.C. doctor’s Rx: A stroll in the park instead of a trip to the pharmacy

May 28, 2015, By Frances Stead Sellers.

Nature Rx

Doctors Are Now Prescribing Time in Nature and Visits to Art Museums By Jessica Stillman.

Doctors Are Prescribing Park Visits to Boost Patient Health

June 29, 2017, By Tik Root.

Doctors are prescribing nature to patients in the UK's Shetland Islands

October 25, 2018, By Tara John.

Doctors in Scotland Are Literally Prescribing Nature to Their Patients

October 9, 2018. By Peter Dockrill.

A Dose of the Great Outdoors

September 5, 2018. US news & World Report. By Beth Howard.

A Dose of the Outdoors

July 19, 2018, By Monica Prelle