About Brad Thiessen

OutLive is the vision of Brad Thiessen. Here's his story:


I'm a three-time cancer survivor: 2 brain tumors, in 2001 and 2015, with a testicular in 2008 thrown in. The type of brain tumor, an oligo, is terminal in 3-5 years (although apparently my body doesn't know that, since I'm still here).

I struggled through the 2015 recurrence and came out of treatment profoundly exhausted both physically and emotionally and dealing with cognitive issues. It was clear the only way to cope would be to have a big goal to focus on, and I would need some other way to express my struggle if I was to work through the trauma.

I had been training for a 50k (31 mile) trail run that was supposed to happen 2 days after my surgery, so the big goal became running a local 50k in September, 9 months after swallowing my last chemo pill and with only 8 months of training.

The way I chose to capture the journey was by recruiting local filmmaker Adam Harum. The result was the 21-minute film Proof of Life, which you can view on the Film website. I also use it part of in-person presentations when it's approptiate.

In the months following treatment, I also shared my journey through the Proof of Life blog and continue to add thoughts occasionally.

It's now my passion to be part of helping other survivors make sense of life after cancer.

I am open and excited to talk with anyone who is walking the cancer journey. I'm also open to to making group presentations. Please use the Contact form to get hold of me.

- Brad